A closer look into customer success

The old way of looking at customer success within an organization was to monitor how active the customer support department was, counting the amount of closed tickets and new bookings. But customer success is an ever-evolving and complex opportunity to gauge how well the company is doing today as well as how well it is going to do tomorrow.

What is the quality of your customers? Are they raving fans that are sharing your product or service with other companies, making sure that everyone knows how much value you have to offer? These are not superficial metrics, but advanced methods of measuring your company’s true success, reputation and potential in the marketplace.

customer journey graphic

Get to know everything there is to know about your customers with a customer success platform, and connect it to all other sections of your business, including employee performance and revenue. Your company is a living organism and all things are truly connected, working together as a whole. If your customer health score goes down, it will reflect in your monthly recurring revenue. If the renewal rate goes down, your customer retention cost will eventually increase, and your customer lifetime value will go down.

You will get lost in the maze of the different aspects of the business and wonder what goes wrong where, and by the time you may reach a solution it might just be too late. That is why it’s so valuable to take customer success seriously, because it gives you clear metrics and the foresight to deal with problems before they occur.