Decorate with stickers

There are many ways, traditional as well as modern, to decorate your home, your office, your workshop or your car, and they all have their pros and cons.

What you choose is usually down to personal taste and the size of your budget. Here we will give you some suggestions for how to use stickers for decoration.

This idea may seem odd at first, but stickers are very versatile, and you can easily get them in almost any size and style you like. For instance, if you buy stickers online at you can create your own design from scratch, or use any of the many templates available.

Change the appearance of things

Stickers are great if you want to change the appearance of something without permanently altering it. Say, for instance, that you have a wall of white tiles that you find boring and that you would like to liven it up a bit.

You could, of course, tear it all down and retile it, or maybe even paint over the tiles with any colour you like, but changing the appearance can be much easier done with stickers that you order to match the size of your tiles.

The same goes for everything that you would like to give a new appearance. Today it is not uncommon to redecorate whole cars this way. In fact, among taxi companies, this is a very common way to convert a car into a mobile ad that can easily be restored to its original condition when the campaign has ended.