3 Google Ads Metrics Every Marketer Needs to Track

Nowadays, it’s challenging to create profitable Google Ads. That’s because of the ad cost increase and competition. And unfortunately, most people won’t see any profitable ads because they don’t track metrics.

That leads to decisions made by emotions instead of logic. So to help you out with that, I’ve listed out the three most essential google ad metrics to track.

If that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.

#1 – Cost Per Click

The first metric you should look at is how much it costs for you to get a click. If the cost is too high, this could mean multiple things.

  • First, you might have targeted the wrong people
  • Secondly, your ad copy wasn’t appealing to your customers.

So if you want to lower it, I highly suggest you try out different keywords and see which one works. If none of them work, you might want to change up your offer.

#2 – Click-Through Rate

The following fundamental metric is CTR (also known as click-through rate). This metric will show how many people click your ad and check out your website.

So, for example, if 10 out of 200 people click your link, then your CTR is 5%

You want to make sure it’s as high as possible. For this, I highly recommend making multiple different offers & ad copies to see what converts and what doesn’t.

#3 – Conversions

The next metric that you must track is conversions. Now conversions don’t always mean how many sales you’ve gotten. That all is determined by you.

For example, if you create a lead ad, your conversion might be email sign-up. You want to look at how many conversions you’ve had and how much it costs for you to get one.

That will help you in two ways! First, you’ll understand if your ad is performing well or not. And secondly, you can create better expectations as you know how much it usually costs you to get a conversion.


And those were the three most important metrics you should track. However, keeping up with them and other statistics can be pretty time-consuming. So instead of wasting your precision hours, you can see how your ads are performing with a google data studio like Funnel. Then you’ll know if your ads are profitable by setting up POAS bidding goals.