The collar that monitors your cat’s fitness

Fitness trackers and health apps are all the rage. They come in all shapes and sizes, with or without heart monitors. Some of them just report your physical activities while others are connected to the web for quick and easy follow-up on all your activities and, of course, your health.

In an age where even a cheap Chinese smartphone will come preloaded with apps that monitor your daily physical activity and report how many steps you have taken in a day, without you ever asking, one should, of course, not be too surprised that there are now even health monitors available for pets.

According to rumors, the PurrSong is a small device that you attach to your cat’s collar. It is a fitness tracker for cats.

Cats don’t go to the gym, so what new stupidity is this, you may ask, and with good reason. Apparently the idea is that you should monitor your cat’s exercise routine daily so that you can detect changes in behavior that may indicate that something is wrong.

The PurrSong device itself is a small pendant that you attach to your cat’s collar. It is small like a Mentos tablet and weighs around 20 grams.

The cost of the device is projected to be around $100, or a corresponding amount in other currencies. For that amount you get a fitness tracker for your cat that communicates via Bluetooth and goes for a month on every charge.

For all computer geek cat owners out there this should be excellent news. Just think of the opportunities when you can download and plot all your cat’s exercise data and make daily comparisons and analyses.

But it gets better than that! Just imagine being able to compare exercise data between friends. You will finally be able to determine who has the best cat.