Make your products multi-lingual

Designing and selling a product is a big job that can take years and consume lots of money and then, suddenly, you need to start selling it on new markets, because your competitors are not sitting still and you need to get your thing out there.

Sometimes you’re in luck and your product doesn’t really have a lot of text labels on it, or you can get away with having them in English, because you use only well-known words and phrases that are almost universally known.

But not always and never everywhere and suddenly you will need to create a new design for a new market, with completely new markings.

Stickers to the rescue!

This is where stickers can save the day. It may not be the most elegant solution, but when push comes to shove and you must get your product out quickly, it may yet be the best solution for the moment.

It’s easy and cheap to design and order customizable stickers that are perfectly suited to your products. Order a small batch for each language that you need and you’re off to a flying start. If orders pick up you can easily order more stickers later, while you work on a completely new, localized version of your product for your new markets.

Ordering stickers is cheap and easy, but don’t skimp on the translation or you may end up with some (not so) hilarious results, with stickers either written in complete gibberish or containing embarrassing spelling or grammatical errors.