How to be visible? Use your head!

Being visible is key in advertising. You can accomplish this by many means, but a great way to get into peoples’ heads is to, quite literally, get on their heads.

Caps – Always on top

The baseball cap is a classic way to be visible, up high, and right in people’s faces. If you have the resources, and the kind of customers who will wear them, a baseball cap with your brand, logo, or slogan, is a great giveaway, that will be used and displayed for a long time.

But caps are quite expensive and if you’re working on a shoestring budget you may not get enough value for your budget.

Badges and stickers

Badges are like baseball caps, only without the cap itself. They will cost you less and you can still make them quite luxurious, but the problem is that people will have to put them on themselves and the chances of that actually happening are… Well, small.

A better option may be to produce stickers. It’s cheap and easy to order <a href=>custom hard hat stickers</a> and they can go almost on any helmet, be it a welding helmet, motorcycle helmet, bicycle helmet, or climbing helmet. If you’re in the construction business you should obviously put them on all the hard hats used on your sites.

Custom hard hat stickers are great when you have customers that can be expected to wear a hard hat or any other type of helmet regularly. In many circles it is customary to decorate your headwear with stickers and in this competition the most exotic and/or well designed stickers are the winners.