Get a Smart Christmas Tree That you Control From the Comfort of Your Favourite Armchair

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is closing in and with it follows all the traditions of old that you still have to follow, no matter how high-tech and modern your life may be.

But despair not! Although the traditions are old there are modern ways to handle them and make them much more manageable.

Take the christmas tree, for example. It used to be that you had to go somewhere, in the chilly outdoors, and buy an actual tree that you would drag into your house or apartment, needles, snow, dirt and all, and then keep under constant attention for weeks so that it wouldn’t go all brown, while also being on the watch for pine needles spreading absolutely everywhere.

Not anymore, however. Now there are better solutions available that will give you zero headache, while still letting you maintain the tradition.

Enter the smart christmas tree

It’s obvious, really, that there would come such a thing. Actually it entered the market some years ago but it wasn’t until recently that it became really smart and something that a tech geek like you would have.

The smart christmas tree of today is just that. You order it online, from the comfort of your favourite armchair and you get it delivered to your door. Then it’s merely a matter of unboxing, unfolding and connecting the plug and you’re done. Back to the armchair and enjoy your new high tech christmas toy that is sure to keep you occupied all Christmas.

Any smart Christmas tree worth its price has Wifi, of course, so that you can connect it to your home network. Naturally it also comes with an app. How else would you control it?

So, now you can finally enjoy Christmas from the comfort of your favourite armchair playing with all the features of your tree, using your phone to control the music as well as the lighting and get it perfectly adjusted to your mood.