The main types of stickers

A sticker is a paper, plastic, or film with an image on one side and a sticky layer on the other. Stickers are becoming popular every day, and not only among young people but also people of all ages.

The main types of stickers

  1. Advertising stickers. This type of stickers can include stickers with attractive designs, beautiful fonts, and high-quality images. Usually, there are a logo and company symbols on these stickers.
  2. Souvenir stickers. Stickers can be considered souvenir products. Creative design solutions can make interesting and memorable souvenirs from stickers, which can be presented to colleagues or relatives.
  3. Interior stickers are used for decorating rooms. Applicable both at home and in public places. You can decorate a room, interior items, office, store windows, and much more.
  4. Vinyl stickers are stickers that are printed on vinyl film. It is probably the most popular type of sticker today. A distinctive feature of vinyl stickers is high-quality printing and high resistance to external influences. They are mainly used as stickers on cars, mirrors, glass, shop windows.

What are the stickers for?

Of course, to stick them. Stickers can advantageously decorate anything – cell phone, drone, electric scooter, laptop, or any other equipment. By the way, if you stick a sticker on their entire surface, you can protect your gadget from dirt and scratches.

The stickers can be not only typical, but also individual – with your favorite picture, a hero of a computer game, or with your favorite animal. Order customizable stickers right now and enjoy a cool new look for your gadget!