3 Tips for Making Stickers That Sell

Starting a sticker business can be an excellent way to make money. Not only is it lucrative, but you can also express yourself creatively through sticker designs. 

However, making a profitable sticker business isn’t as easy as designing a sticker and calling it a day! Instead, you need to know what type of stickers work for your audience. So in this blog post, we’re going to give you three steps to make it easier for you.

If that sounds interesting, then continue reading.


#1 – Use Good Materials

If you want your customers to be happy with your product and make repeat purchases, you want to give them the best stickers for the price. That way, your stickers will keep their color and stay stuck on the surface for a long time.

So what materials work? Well, the best material for it would be vinyl. It will keep your stickers looking professional and more waterproof than your paper stickers.


#2 – Do Market Research

Another thing you must do is market research. You’ll understand your market and what stickers designs work best for your audience with it. So go look at your closest competitor pages, and see what stickers sell the best for them.

But when you do, be sure not to copy their ideas. Instead, the theme that works for them is what you want to look for. Then add a little twist on them to make stickers unique to you.


#3 – Keep Your Designs Simple

And lastly, I want to tell you that it’s best to keep your stickers as simple as possible when designing them. You don’t need to go and create an ultra-detailed illustration. Most of the time, once it’s printed, it won’t look as good as it does on screen.

So when in doubt, simplify your design!



And those were the three tips. Now you’re ready to create some high-selling stickers. So go out there and start your business! And if you’re looking for a way to print your stickers in the highest quality possible, then I suggest you check out Stickerapp.

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