Whatever happened to the smart kitchen?

Everything is smart nowadays. We’re all supposed to live in smart houses, watch a smart tv, store our food in a smart fridge and then use smart cookware to prepare our food on your probably smart stove or intelligent oven.

But what is that smart cookware, really? Is there such a thing at all?

Let’s investigate!

Smart pots and pans

Lots of manufacturers brag about their “smart” post and pans, while selling you what appears to be just normal pots and pans, albeit rather expensive.

The smart bit? It’s mostly that they constructed the bottom using lots of different materials and layers as to get optimal heat distribution.

Sure! That’s good and all, but does that make it smart cookware?

Not really.

Wi-Fi enabled this and that

Then we have all the appliances, coffee makers, sous vide circulators, toasters and what nots that connect to your wireless network, so that you can control them using your phone (and sometimes only from your phone.)

They’re so smart! Because they have Wi-Fi and no buttons and now you have to use your phone to cook meat or make coffee.

Now, that doesn’t seem very smart at all. That seems rather stupid, really.

Automatic cookers, multi-ovens and such

Now we’re actually getting somewhere. These are machines that you can turn on and leave to do their thing and they will do it while sometimes adapting the cooking process to what happens to the food.

Seems kind of smart, although, really these are just regular kitchen appliances with timers and sometimes temperature probes that will tell them what to do and when.

It really doesn’t seem very smart or even new for that part.

Where’s the smart kitchen

Whatever happened to the smart kitchen that we we’re all supposed to have, by now? Did it arrive, but we missed it? Was it all just a lie? Is it ever coming?

The truth is it wasn’t exactly a lie as much as it was false hope for a future that will surely come, only not as fast as some people though.

Much like the paper free office, that took some 40 years to actually start showing its face the smart kitchen is still a thing to come.

For sure I will one day have a real, smart kitchen with a cooking robot in it, but when that day comes is anyones guess.

Also, I want my flying car, that we were all supposed to have in the future.