Mark your items with your own unique brand

Keeping track of your possessions is as important as it can be tedious. If you share a premises and workspaces with others it quickly becomes a nightmare, especially if you start lending things to other people.

There are several ways to prevent your items getting adrift, though. Here we will share our best tips on how to get your things organized so that they remain yours.

Keep an inventory

The first and most basic step is knowing what you have. It’s as easy as keeping a list with you and making sure to keep it updated. Of course it’s easier said than done, but it’s not that hard and if you value your possessions it’s well worth the extra effort.

Keep things organized

Don’t just throw everything in a bag and expect to find what you’re looking for later. To begin with, it’s impossible to get an overview of what’s in there, but it’s also very difficult to discover if something’s gone missing.

Get your gear properly organised instead, using storage cases and boxes, with clearly marked compartments for every little thing.

Mark your belongings

In the old days you could order simple text stickers, with your name and phone number on them, to mark all your things. You still can, but it’s much more fun to make things a bit more personal. 

Order custom stickers online and create a nice design that you like and that you will recognize from afar. Put your name and contact details on there as well to make sure that anyone will know who’s the owner.

Keep track of who’s borrowing your stuff

It may seem like a step too far among people who know each other, but even friends forget or neglect to return things they borrowed. That’s why you should make a note when you lend something to anyone. Write a note and put it where the item normally lives, and you’ll have a visible reminder.