Enjoy the Luxuries of a Nice Hotel While at Home

Staying at a nice hotel often means a world of relaxation, luxury and comfort. But sometimes the hotel is not an option, for one reason or another.

All is not lost, however. With the right gadgets you can enjoy almost all of the comfort of a modern hotel, while staying put in your home. We’ll show you how!

Decorate Your Home

First you need to get in the mood and what’s better then, than to get some posters with motives of your favourite town?

Are you right now dreaming of staying in the Big Apple, New York? Do you perhaps miss the shabby streets of Berlin? Or are you longing for a stay at a luxury hotel in Copenhagen?

Whatever your favourite town is, get some posters, photos or other items that remind you of that place and put them on display in your home and instantly you’ll get the feeling of actually being there.

Get the Gadgets

Then, it’s a matter of getting just the right gadgets for you to enjoy the same quality relaxation as a hotel would offer.

For a lot of people it starts with the entertainment system.

Got a big enough tv? If not, now is the perfect time to upgrade. Even the really big screens have been dropping in price rapidly and you can probably afford to upgrade what you have, if it’s not big enough.

Pair the big screen with a nice set of speakers and a subscription at your favourite provider and you’re all set as far as entertainment goes.

Then it’s a question of taste and what aspects of hotel life you appreciate the most. If you like to have a drink and hang out alone or with a few friends, then what you need is a mini fridge with your favourite drink ingredients and, of course, an ice machine.

Do you prefer a relaxing spa bath? Then a portable jacuzzi is the right choice. They can be had for a small sum of money online and will fit even the tiniest of bathtubs.

If you belong to the tribe of people who enjoy hotels primarily for the breakfast buffet there are a lot of options available.

Why not start your day with freshly made orange juice, from your own juicer. Combine this with perfectly made espresso, from your new coffee machine and top it off with fresh bread, right out of the baking machine, and you’re off to a perfect start of a great day in your luxury hotel at home.