Current cooking trends and beyond

Trends are everywhere. You see them easily in clothes, cars, phones and so on, but as far as trends are concerned, there is no area in human life that’s unaffected.

This, of course, goes for your kitchen as well.

In this article we’ll have a look at some recent trends when it comes to cooking and specifically cooking equipment. We will look into them and see what they really are about and then try to guess what’s to come next, in the near future.

Sous Vide – Everybody does it

If there’s one thing that seems to have popped up everywhere in recent years it’s sous vide cooking. For many years this was still an obscure cooking method used exclusively by professional chefs and cooking nerds, but suddenly everyone is bragging about their latest juicy piece of pork that they just cooked to perfection although it looks pretty much raw inside.

It is a clever way to cook meat and many other food products but it takes time and planning and then you need the equipment. It isn’t super expensive, by any means, but it’s still one more thing to keep around.

Our guess is that it will probably stick around and not really die off, but the hype has definitely worn off already.

Deep frying without oil

Suppliers of kitchen equipment, such as OBH Nordica and the like, are all selling them. I’m talking, of course, about the hot air fryers that are supposedly able to deep fry food without actually deep frying it.

They all work pretty much the same. You pour in a very small amount of oil (or none at all) together with your potato strips. You run the fryer for 40 minutes or so and you get perfectly cooked, crispy chips, without the oil content.

While this surely works we can’t see this trend surviving long term. To begin with it isn’t deep frying at all. It may seem like it’s the same thing but we are pretty convinced that people will start notincing the difference and get tired of the dry taste.

Multi Cookers – Rice Cookers on Steroids

Lastly we have the multicookers that, while sounding like really advanced machines, are just pretty plain rice cookers, with some programmable timer electronics patched on.

If you believe all the marketing this will make the most amazing complete meals in one pot and while we don’t doubt that it will cook just fine it’s still just all being boiled in steam, which may quickly get… Well, boring.

We can’t really see this one catching on. Even if you got one of these units you would probably get bored rather quickly and then just use it to cook rice, which it will probably do really well.