Concerns Over Drones Rise

Drone technology has come a long way in recent years. Today practically anyone can afford to buy one. Enthusiasts of this technology see it as a fun way to time. However, drones can also be used to negatively impact society. For this reason there has been a rise in the amount of concern about the misuse of these vehicles. There are several ways that drones can be used to do harm. It is possible that new laws will be implemented which regulate or even restrict drone ownership.

Airline Disruption

In late 2018 there was severe airline disruption in the UK. This was caused by reports of drones flying over runways. Due to this incident the government has had to invest in anti-drone technology. One of the biggest dangers for airports is the possibility of drones flying into planes mid-flight. This could cause crashes and likely end in fatalities. For this reason the effect of drones on the airline industry is being taken very seriously by governments.


Drones are capable of flying over barriers and recording footage. This makes them ideal for spying on individuals and organizations. There have already been examples of drone based corporate espionage. Numerous businesses take this threat very seriously. Confidential information is an essential part of corporate life. If this data is stolen it can ruin a company. Drones can also be used for spying on a larger scale between rival nations.


Since anyone can have access to a drone it creates the possibility of these vehicles being utilized for violent acts. Several countries have expressed their worries over the harm that can be caused by “joystick terrorism”. However, the practicality of using drones to commit attacks is less so compared to conventional methods. Therefore, drone terrorism is less of a threat than airline disruption and spying.