Fun new ways to decorate your office

Most offices are quite dull or even boring to look at. There are exceptions, of course, especially among modern internet companies, but even there it usually takes a lot of time, thought and money to get an office that doesn’t look like, well, an office.

The basic purpose of an office is to get the work done, so maybe this isn’t all bad. Putting a lot of time and resources into getting the office to look amazing may make you feel great, but at the end of the day it may not really help you get more done in a shorter time, so that you can get out of there.

Small things with great effect

If you want to improve your office environment it’s probably best to look at the small stuff. Plants, for example, can be a great way to improve the office environment. Not only are they nice to look at, they actually improve air quality, and so they make things objectively better in the workplace, as long as you have someone to water them.

Carpets, on the floors or on bare walls can also be a great improvement. In addition to the visual aspect they contribute to sound dampening, making your office a quieter and more calm environment, which is something that will actually help you work.

Decorate with stickers

Does your office have glass walls? They are very common nowadays as they are relatively cheap and let light in. However they also pose a safety risk as it’s all too easy to walk right into them if you’re not careful.

Glass walls present the perfect opportunity to decorate with customizable stickers. It improves safety, as it will make your glass walls more visible. At the same time it lets you play around a bit with shapes and colors.

Using modern online tools it’s easy to create and design stickers to suit your taste and they are quickly delivered, ready to apply, within a few days.